What our customers say?

我买了也吃了。。PEI pineapple tarts 真是我怀念以前过年时我三姐在家里的pineapple tarts 味道。 谢谢PEI 祝您生意兴荣, 继续加油哦, 的饼干真材实料, 不甜不腻, 也没有任何人造色素 !  … Sally (26/1/21)

I just want to say Thank you to you and Pei for creating such a thoughtful & wonderful product. I grew up in a family baking cookies and I know how hard it is. And Peipei's hardwork, patient, passion and love are felt when I eat the cookies. Hope that business only get better for u all! … Jiaqi (19/10/20)

I love this butter cookies .. so do my children. Found this contact on FB and decided to give this young lady a try..haha my 1st purchase of 4 boxes delicious butter cookies. Thank you Pei for this authentic butter cookies that isn’t so sweet yet melt in your mouth. I will rate 9 if full mark is 10. Try yours today!!!  … Sally (18/10/20)

Pei cookies are extremely good ! Would recommend to anyone to buy . The cookies immediately releases a fragrant taste after it is put into your mouth and it is extremely soft . Not like any cookies I have ate before ! 10/10 ... Ryan (2 Oct 2020)

It's so good that I finished half a container at one go, giving dinner a miss ... Alvin (28 Sept 2020)

The cookies tasted so fabulous that my family finished it in a day. A great snack to have while Netflix, while reading or your afternoon tea. Thumbs up to the awesome taste and wonderful aroma ... Ed (27 Sept 2020)

我试过很多很多好的牌子, 牛油饼, 你的手艺, 都和他们的一样好吃, 脆香 ... Fern (17 Sept 2020)

Very Good choice ! We’ve finished one container in a day, well, can’t resist every piece and kept asking for more! Look forward to my next order! ... Suzette (16 Sept 2020)

It's v nice! Like the famous hk bear biscult.  I finished one layer ... Adeline (10 Sept 2020)